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KD VX Track Shoes Athletic Running Shoes Sneakers Sprint Field Racing Spike Shoes with Removable Spike Key - B07X612ZBV

  • ✅ Sizes per UK Size , USA Size Go One Size Lower

  • ✅ Reduces impact on landing. Heavy duty rubber sole for maximum wear-resistance. Anti-skid, high grip, effectively improving overall speed and control.

  • ✅ Ideal for short-distanced runners. Works on grass, clay, cinder and tarmac, Lightweight & Highly breathable Upper made from mesh, improved durability and superior fit.

  • ✅ Package: Pair of shoes with 7 loosely fitted spikes pre-installed (Requires Tightening). Extra spikes, tools for spike Key

  • ✅ Athletic spiked shoes fit for sprinting, distance running, jumping, hurdling, school training, etc. Professional studs help you run faster, jump higher.

  • Track and Field Shoes

    Lightweight & Breathable & Comfortable

    Upper made from mesh for comfort and breathability. Outsole fitted with metal spikes to help you maintain speed and control. Both essential in the makings of the perfect pair of track footwear.

    About KD VX Shoes


    Ideal for short distanced sprints

    Sprint friendly

    Comes with extra spikes, tool for spike replacement, drawstring bag


    Every shoe comes with 7 spikes. They're lightweight, small and stable.


    The upper mesh is made from a breathable material, providing your foot with a clean and dry environment when running, simulating the “barefooted” effect.


    The back is also made from a breathable and lightweight material, with jagged designs on the sole to avoid slipping and skidding, helps to maintain speed and control when in motion.